Yoga for Headache Relief

Posted by on Nov. 12, 2012

Yoga for Headache Relief

Most people will experience a headache at one point or another in their lifetime. Its pain scale varies from a vague discomfort to debilitating pain, and can be triggered by almost anything — from the weather, the clothes you wear, to the food you eat.

Because of the pain, most people prefer to take over-the-counter pills for headache relief. But if you want to try a more natural approach, roll out your yoga mat and prepare to slay your headache by going through various yoga poses. Yoga is one of the most common non-traditional techniques that can promote relaxation and alleviate headaches. Given that headaches can be triggered by tight muscles in the body and blocked blood flow, doing yoga poses that gently stretch your tired muscles and remove obstructions in your veins can improve blood circulation and ease the pain.

Aside from this, performing yoga regularly can increase your consciousness about the body and helps you pay more attention to your health by encouraging you to lead a healthy lifestyle that avoids food that can trigger headaches and other diseases. Stress is another common cause of headache, and yoga helps you calm down by relaxing your body.

With the right lifestyle and yoga routines, your headaches will be lessened as your muscles and body will be more relaxed. A good advice when planning to learn yoga is to start slowly: beginner yoga classes would be the perfect place for you to start. You can even ask a yoga instructor to give you a customized routine, one that will lead you through several poses that will alleviate your headache.


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