What You Need to Write in Your Headache Diary

Posted by on Jan. 09, 2013

Keeping a headache diary may sound simple and inefficient, but if kept and updated properly, it can actually be an effective way to steer clear of debilitating headaches.

As mentioned in a previous article, you don’t write rants and whines about how painful the headache attack is in your diary. What you need to keep there are far more important details that will help you avoid your headache triggers in the future.

Be sure to keep track of the following:

Exercise activity and schedule
No matter how light the exercise routine is, you need to write this down in order to know which of the activities you do might have induced your headache. This may help verify whether or not you’re suffering from the type of headache that arises from exertion.

Headache occurrences
Regardless of the frequency of your headaches, take time to record the time, date, and day when your headache attacks. Don’t forget to indicate the weather in that particular moment as this will help your healthcare provider determine if your headache is caused by the climate.

Note the food and drinks you consume. This will help establish which particular types of food and drink causes your headache.

If you’re taking painkillers or other meds for your headaches — or for any other ailment — remember to jot down these drugs and your schedule of intake so you’ll know which of these could be triggering your headache.

This section isn’t just about rants, though. When you’re feeling extremely down and sad, mad, or even happy, it’s important to try to keep track of your emotions as headache may also originate from strong emotional disturbances.

The final touch that will render this diary-keeping activity effective, however, is nothing medical — it has to do with self-discipline. Once you’ve identified the triggers, do your best to avoid them. Remember, your efforts will not pay off if you’re not willing to observe proper discipline while treating or trying to get rid of your headache problem.

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