What Triggers Your Weekend Headache

Posted by on Dec. 21, 2012


There’s nothing worse than spending your weekend with a headache. After the stressful days at work, you definitely deserve to enjoy that short break in peace. As it turns out, though, weekday stress has an aftermath that normally attacks on weekends, and this is called the weekend headache. If you’re a regular victim, here are a few triggers that you might be guilty of committing.

One culprit that can be causing it is your sleeping pattern. Oversleeping on weekends can disrupt the operation of neurotransmitters in the brain, and this more often than not leads to headaches. Another factor is your caffeine intake. If you normally drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages on weekday mornings, late intake on weekends can cause caffeine withdrawal, which can also result in a headache. Alcohol consumption on a Friday night, of course, will definitely cause a headache. Lastly, if you think stress release will help you relax – it won’t. In fact, a sudden stress release on weekends can also trigger a headache.

To avoid all these, try sustaining your daily routine until weekend. Wake up early and drink coffee on a Saturday morning, sleep early that night, and gradually relax all throughout.

It surely doesn’t sound enticing to be on a routine even during weekends. If this, however, will save you from the weekend headache, so why not try it out?


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