USC Offers “Lifestyle Redesign Program” For Your Migraines

Posted by on Nov. 29, 2012

Lifestyle Redesign Program For Your Migraines

The University of Southern California is offering the Lifestyle redesign program, an innovative treatment program that has been shown to improve various health conditions including headaches by teaching you to live a healthier lifestyle. Unlike some alternative treatments, this is based on proven medical research.

The program is designed on a headache prevention research to manage the pain. This includes program topics like lifestyle balance, healthy habits and routines, food triggers and supplements, teaching different disciplines for your home and workplace, sensory processing, pain communication skills, and managing headaches the instance they happen. Technically, this program is similar to a combination of proven alternative treatments for the headache, with the bonus of teaching further information about the condition.

Therapists from the program create a customized plan designed to suit your condition and then they will recommend individual or group based sessions that will work for you.

For further information, you can visit the USC Website, call (323)442-3340 or email them at


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