Unsuspecting Factors that Trigger Headaches

Posted by on Oct. 10, 2012
Unsuspecting Factors that Triggers People’s Headaches

The things that trigger headaches are still widely deliberated by medical professionals. Unsubstantiated claims coming from case studies and research works narrate that one’s environment and genetics play a vital role on why some people are headache-prone. Nonetheless, experts suggest that a common headache might be associated with the factors stated below:

Computer monitor
Apparently, your computer monitor can trigger headaches, thanks to a pesky chemical called triphenyl phosphate found in its plastic casing. You need adequate ventilation in the room to keep the toxic chemical at bay, since an average person spends about four to six hours staring at the computer all day.

Not many people know this, but dehydration is one of the major causes of headaches. Studies suggest that 75% of the American population don’t drink enough water to get them through a single day. There is too much work going on in a person’s blood vessels when he is dehydrated as the vessels constrict in an attempt to conserve the remaining fluids in the body thus, the painful headache.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
Extensive researches made by experts over the last two decades have uncovered EMFs to be the invisible perpetrator of headaches. The scary part is that it is found everywhere from a person’s home, the streets, to the workplace. It’s also present in most appliances or gadgets, making it difficult for people to avoid them. EMFs have the capability to erode a person’s immune system, making it tricky for the body to rid toxins which will then lead to a nagging headache.

Chowhounds and food lovers may well curse the heavens for including food as another instigator of headaches. Alcoholic beverages such as red wine and beer, caffeine, chocolate, aged cheese, aspartame and anything that contains monosodium glutamate can apparently induce a person to experience a throbbing pain in the head.

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