Treating Headaches with Acupressure

Posted by on Jan. 29, 2013

When a headache strikes, there are plenty of methods for alleviating the pain. In our medicine-dependent society, we are usually advised to pop a headache pill and move on with life. For some, it may actually work more as a placebo than a true cure. This is especially true if we are used to taking a pill whenever things are not right, as there is a tendency to build up a tolerance to pain relievers.

Some people have discovered a simpler and medicine-free path for ridding themselves of headaches. They tapped into an ancient practice that requires little training but a lot of common sense. Acupressure is a simple method of applying moderate pressure to tender or sensitive areas of the body and providing relief through gentle massage.

Although it may be appealing to just take a tablet to relieve the pain, it can make a lot more sense to slow down and give yourself a hands-on treatment. Acupressure not only eliminates your headache but also gives you time to reflect and consider how and why you got the headache in the first place — an intention that may lead to changing your habits to avoid such discomfort in the future.

For optimal results, allow yourself at least 15 minutes for acupressure. If possible, find a quiet place with little or no lights where you can either sit or recline. Take a few deep breaths to begin and focus on where you feel pain. Using your index and middle fingers, slowly rub on and around the painful spots and continue breathing slowly and deeply. Some people find that trying to describe and define the pain during the massage also helps. Ask yourself if the pain is deep or on the surface, if it is dull or sharp, or if you can even see colors connected to the pain.

Many times we are afraid of pain and just want it to go away, but try to take the time to face the pain and define the discomfort. You may discover that it will decrease in intensity just through that process.

So save money on pills and let your fingers do the walking to make your headache go away!

[Photo Credit: Lubyanka [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

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