The Truth about Ginseng Tea and Your Headaches

Posted by on Dec. 01, 2012

The Truth about Ginseng Tea and Your Headaches

We’ve mentioned before how tea can alleviate your headache. However, not all kinds of tea could give you the relief you need. If your headache is only getting worse with your tea habit, you might be chugging down Ginseng Tea.

Ginseng is popular because of the many health benefits it offers, thanks to its active ingredients. Despite its many health benefits however, it can trigger headaches. This is especially true when ginseng is mixed with migraine medicine, as it can interfere with the proper effects of the medication, triggering the drugs to reach toxic levels. With that being said, if you want to take tea to reduce your headache, make sure you steer away from ginseng tea.

If you do not want to take medication for your headaches, you can try other alterative treatments.


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