The Searing Pains of Cluster Headaches

Posted by on Nov. 23, 2012

The Searing Pain of Cluster Headaches

Do you feel a targeted pain on some parts of your head? If you are, then you may be having a cluster headache. Characterized by an excruciating sensation, cluster headaches have no definite causes. Some experts believe that these headaches are related to vascular disorder. A disturbance in the flow of serotonin has also been found as a possible cause for this condition.

Cluster headaches are mostly felt around the eyes, the temple, and at times, the cheek or jaw. Lasting for at least an hour or two, it can occur periodically throughout a day. In some instances, it can even be felt for as long as a week! Other symptoms of cluster headaches are blocked nostrils, reddish eyes, and at times, the occurrence of a mild flu. Unlike migraines which predominantly affect women, cluster headaches are more common among men.

For the most part, cluster headaches are very difficult to cure. Analgesic painkillers tend to be ineffective, as this medication usually takes a long time to take effect. Getting some fresh air is probably the most effective treatment for this condition, although it will only provide temporary relief. The best way to deal with cluster headaches is to go straight to the doctor for a more intensive way of dealing with the continuous pain.


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