The Hangover Headache

Posted by on Dec. 13, 2012

The hangover headache is an alcohol-induced headache very common among, but definitely not limited to, the youngsters, particularly the ones who drink frequently.

Alcohol causes frequent urination and blocks the signal that tells our brains that we are thirsty. This leads to the main cause of the headache: dehydration. Because of this, the brain’s blood vessels expand, causing low blood pressure that makes a headache worse. As you keep on urinating, there is a reduction in the number of vitamins and minerals in the blood stream, and the brain loses the electrolytes it needs for communication between neurons. This eventually causes that pounding and throbbing headache, to go along with any other effects associated with a hangover.

To relieve hangover headaches, the important thing is to rehydrate by drinking a lot of water. It’s also essential to recover from low blood pressure by getting some fructose, which can be found in honey and apple juice. It is also advisable to consume sodium (or, simply, salt) because as an electrolyte, it facilitates the communication between our neurons. The best and the simplest thing to do to relieve hangover headaches, however, is to lay down in a dark and quiet place with your eyes closed.

So, the next time you are planning to drink and party a lot, consider the tips above to avoid these nasty hangover headaches.

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