The Guide to a Headache-Proof Home

Posted by on Dec. 27, 2012

You are at home, your very own haven where you are supposed to sit back and relax. Then, suddenly, headaches come to interrupt. It’s never a good thing when you can’t even enjoy your time in your humble abode. To keep this from happening, below are some tips on how you can free your home from headaches:

  1. Overly bright lights can trigger headaches, especially to those who are extra sensitive to sensory inputs. That’s why you need to choose the right wattage of lights in each part of your home. The white glow from the screen of laptops, tablets, and other gadgets and electronics can also over-stimulate the brain and bring headaches, so try to lower their brightness settings.
  2. Allergens such as dust mites, dander, and molds are almost always present in every household. These tend to inflame the nasal passages and consequently trigger a headache. Try to invest in vacuum cleaners and air purifiers to keep these allergens away.
  3. Strong scents from air fresheners, cleansers, scented candles, and even paint fumes and floor varnish could also trigger headaches. Make sure that you open your windows regularly when dealing with these items to let the natural flow of air prevent these fumes and smells from being trapped inside your home.

Headaches are such horrible intruders. For a real peaceful and comfortable stay at home, try these simple tips to drive away those dreaded headaches. Before long, it’ll be your “home sweet home” once again.


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