The Alarm Clock Headache

Posted by on Jan. 08, 2013

Before you even ask, no — alarm clock headache is not induced by the alarming of the clock; rather, it is called thus because it’s a headache that wakes you up during your sleep at night, thereby acting like an alarm clock. It is clinically known as hypnic headache.

According to experts, alarm clock headache is a primary headache, meaning it is not caused by any other underlying conditions, and it affects either one or both sides of your head. The dull pain that comes with this condition normally strikes between one and three in the morning and an attack can last from 15 minutes to six hours.

Unlike other headaches, however, an alarm clock headache has no autonomic symptoms – there are no irritated eyes or runny noses that act as indicators before the headache attacks.
You’re most likely suffering from alarm clock headache if your sleep is always disrupted by the dull pain that occurs only during bedtime. This type of headache is typical among men and women aged 50 and above.

If you’re younger but are showing clear signs that you’re suffering from alarm clock headache, consult with your healthcare provider as soon as possible for proper diagnosis.


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