Temporal Arteritis: An Overview

Posted by on Jan. 23, 2013

Throbbing headaches are not always harmless. It can be a sign of a more serious medical condition called temporal arteritis, which is often presented as “new headache.”

Temporal arteritis, otherwise known as giant cell arteritis or cranial arteritis, is a disorder that results in the inflammation of the temporal arteries, causing reduced blood flow. Although the exact cause of this is unknown, it may be linked with aging because it usually occurs in people over the age of 50.

As temporal arteritis occurs in the head, particularly in the temples beside our eyes, the main indicators of it are severe throbbing headaches accompanied by a bunch of other symptoms such as fever, nausea, jaw pain, tongue pain, facial pain, mouth sores, hearing loss, blurred or double vision, loss of appetite, muscle aches, joint stiffness and excessive sweating.

This illness may cause permanent vision impairments. So if you are experiencing the same symptoms, do not ignore it like the typical headache. Consult your doctor immediately and take the prescribed medications such as corticosteroids and aspirin to prevent worst case scenarios.

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