Simultaneous Headaches: The Relationship between Carbon Monoxide and Your Pain in the Head

Posted by on Nov. 28, 2012

Simultaneous Headaches: The Relationship between Carbon Monoxide and Your Pain in the Head

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and toxic gas produced as a result of combustion. Chances are, your home may be littered with carbon monoxide-producing devices such as non-electric furnaces, lawnmowers, gas stoves, heaters, and vehicles. Even something as simple as charcoal grills could produce the toxic gas.

When carbon monoxide is inhaled, it bonds with oxygen-carrying hemoglobin. Once bonded with the hemoglobin, it could no longer transport oxygen to the other parts of the body. This in turn hinders the blood’s capability to bring oxygen to body tissues and vital organs. This could trigger headaches that could range from mild to worse, depending on the length of exposure to the toxic vapor and how much carbon monoxide was inhaled.

If you and your family are in an enclosed area (such as your home) where carbon monoxide is present, the likelihood of all of you experiencing headaches would be very high. If majority of you complain of headaches almost simultaneously, immediately go out of the place to breathe in fresh air. If you are living with children, be especially mindful of this, as inhalation of carbon monoxide could be fatal to kids.


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