Potatoes: Filling and Can Serve as a Headache Cure

Posted by on Dec. 03, 2012

There Is More To Potato Than Satisfying Hunger

A hangover is a group of bad symptoms and signs including a headache that are developed after drinking too much alcohol. To say that this condition can affect your work because of these unpleasant symptoms is such a big understatement. And aside from their nutritional value, they can also help fight nasty hangover headaches.

There is no secret formula in avoiding hangovers completely but a potato can work by providing large amounts of potassium—something you lost from being dehydrated from alcohol. This is why eating potatoes and other foods that have high starch content can reduce the nausea and pain, as well as reduce the length of the headache attack.

A potato is a very nutritious snack and this proves that there is more to it than satisfying your hunger. Of course, rather than thinking of a way to help you recover from a hangover headache, the best way to avoiding this is to drink moderately.


[Photo Credit: Jude Doyland on Flickr]

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