Ocular Migraine: A Cause for Temporary Visual Loss

Posted by on Jan. 16, 2013

Visual disturbances occurring along with headache should not be immediately taken as a symptom of migraine with aura (MA) as this is not always the case. Visual problems such as blind spots, flashing lights, and temporary visual loss in one eye that lasts for a couple of minutes or more might be indicators that you’re suffering from a different condition called ocular migraine or retinal migraine.

In some cases of ocular migraine, temporary visual loss occurs before a migraine onset while in others, it happens during or after a migraine attack. Experts hypothesize that this particular type of migraine may be caused by complications either in the blood vessels or nerve cells in the retina.

Since ocular migraine affects and involves two different body parts such as the eyes and the head, health professionals are uncertain whether traditional headache and migraine medications will work in alleviating the symptoms of the disorder. If you’re experiencing all the symptoms mentioned above, it is best to consult with your healthcare provider as soon as possible to determine whether your visual problems are really caused by ocular migraine or other underlying conditions that need complex treatment.

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