Neti Pot: Treatment for Sinus Headaches with No Side Effects

Posted by on Dec. 18, 2012

Sinus headaches are one of the scourges of spring and summer. In temperate locales, people experience them in the fall, as well. There is no shortage of treatments for such headaches. Nasal sprays, over the counter antihistamines, and even surgery are pursued by some of the most miserable and chronic sufferers. On the other hand, more patients are turning to alternative methods for relieving sinus headaches and the discomfort associated with these. Many have turned to the Neti Pot, one such alternative method.

It is said to have originated thousands of years ago in India by practitioners of yoga. The Neti Pot looks like a miniature teapot. Sinus headache sufferers use it every day during the worst of the allergy seasons. They find that it keeps their nasal passages clear, reducing the pressure that can build up and cause discomfort. Medical experts believe that regular use of this apparatus facilitates the thinning of mucus. Just as important, it allows the tiny hairs within the nasal passages to operate more efficiently.

Most people in the US, who are new to the use of the Neti Pot, find the actual technique somewhat off-putting. A user fills the small pot with warm water, dissolves a small amount of salt in the water and mixes well. The person tilts his head to a 45-degree angle, inserts the spout of the pot into one nostril and pours in the water until it flows out of the other nostril. The same is done for the other nostril. This process unclogs the nasal passages and clears the mucus within.

Neti Pots are widely available throughout the US. Some are plastic, while others are ceramic. In addition, you can purchase Neti packs to dissolve in the water, but table salt from your cupboard is cheaper and works just as well.

Recently, there were reports that in some parts of the country, the use of tap water for the Neti Pot led to rare infections of the brain. To be on the safe side, it is a good idea to use distilled or boiled water.

Because of the minimal cost and the absence of side effects of this technique, you may want to try using a Neti Pot before you turn to different types of medication.


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