Natural Headache Prevention Techniques for Pregnant Women

Posted by on Nov. 14, 2012

Natural Headache Prevention Techniques for Pregnant Women

Getting sick during your pregnancy is probably the last thing you’d want to happen as it is no secret that medications can affect the development of your unborn baby. But a number of sicknesses are, by nature, simply unavoidable. One of these unavoidable illnesses is headache, the second most universal illness next to cold.

In the event that you experience headaches, what should you do? Painkillers should be avoided as it may have harmful side effects to your baby. In this case, it is always for the best if you’re equipped with ample knowledge about the natural remedies you can take in case of a headache.

To get started, even if you’re not fond of writing diaries – it is a must that you keep a headache diary. But don’t narrate how headache gets the best of you: instead, keep track of the days when you experience the debilitating pain. Don’t forget to jot down the food you ate and the activities you did before the headache occurred, as doing so will help you determine what triggers your headache and will help you avoid these instigators in the future.

When you’ve already determined the triggers, avoid them. Sacrifice your love for cheese, chocolate, and coffee for your baby’s own good. Next, increase the amount of water you drink each day, as both you and your baby are depending on your fluid intake. And then take ample rest. It’s a mortal sin to overwork yourself when you’re pregnant.

If a headache still occurs despite these precautions, there are still ways to lessen the pain without the aid of painkillers. You can opt to take a cold shower or use ice packs and a cold towel while the pain is still raging. If your husband is around (or anyone else who’s capable of doing it right), have your head massaged carefully. Remember though that there is a proper way of doing it. If you’re not up for some bodywork, napping and resting in a quiet room is always an option.

When headache occurs with a fever or if it keeps recurring more than usual, consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible. It’s still better to keep a regular dialogue with your doctor so you can be assured that your pregnancy is at its finest condition possible.


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