Migraines with “Auras”

Posted by on Dec. 06, 2012

‘Auras’ in migraines pertain to the visual, sensory, motor, or verbal disturbances that precede migraine attacks. You may consider these disturbances as signs that you’re going to get a headache. Some of these signs may happen simultaneously or right after another aura happens.

The aura can last from minutes to hours, and some may even last for a few days. There are different kinds of auras. These include dysphasic aura for speech issues, sensory aura, which is a tingling sensation or numbness in various parts of the body, and the visual aura, which affects vision and is the most common aura.

What causes these auras is unknown at present, but it is thought that chemical reactions in the brain play a big role. Regardless of the cause, these auras are not life-threatening and there are ways to prevent them from happening, like avoiding particular headache triggers. This will involve looking for the root of one’s migraines, so for best results, consult your doctor.


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