Migraine and Women

Posted by on Oct. 10, 2012

Migraine and Women


While the ailment afflicts over 28,000 Americans, migraine affects women three times more than men. In fact, one out of four women has had migraine.

The important question is, how could that be?

Studies show that women are more prone to experience migraine attacks than men because of their hormones. Women have fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone, two hormones that play crucial roles in triggering a woman’s menstruation period. The levels of these hormones are influenced by several factors including pregnancy, oral contraceptive pills, and menopause, among many others.

Aside from hormonal changes, most women are also prone to stress. It is often a feminine characteristic to succumb to stress and cry when the situation becomes too daunting. While there are those who can breeze through stressful conditions, some women are cowed by stress. A stressful situation, which may be triggered by an isolated incident or a buildup of events, could start a vicious cycle wherein the woman would feel helpless and unable to cope. This could result in more painful migraine episodes.

In line with stress, bingeing might also trigger migraines. Coffee, chocolates, and alcoholic beverages could result to painful episodes, while not getting enough rest because of the problem and over thinking could only aggravate the situation.

Another factor to consider is the feminine trait of wanting to achieve perfection. Many females aspire to look perfect, with clear, blemish-free skin and fashionable clothes. They also strive to look as thin as those hailed by society as beautiful. This also includes wanting to be the best in everything, including obsessive work habits and aggressive workout schedules. Unfortunately, these women could fall short of their own standards, feel depressed, and only further incense their migraine.

As with all cases, it is important to emphasize that there are several ways to best migraines. The key is finding out what triggers the migraine, and curbing the stimulant once and for all.


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