LipiGesic M: An Effective Treatment for Migraine?

Posted by on Nov. 19, 2012

LipiGesic M: An Effective Treatment for Migraine?

A new drug called LipiGesic M is touted to be a safe and effective drug for people who frequently suffer from migraine attacks, according to the Journal of Head and Face Pain.

LipiGesic M is a homeopathic formulation of feverfew and ginger in gel form. The medicine is applied directly under the tongue and unlike other drugs, does not cause rebound headaches as it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream at full strength. This is due to the fact that LipiGesic M can bypass the digestive system and immediately provides relief.

While numerous articles and studies have flaunted LipiGesic M’s effectiveness, it is still for the best if headache patients would talk to their healthcare providers first. A doctor would be able to determine if a drug is indeed effective, or if the claims are nothing but a good marketing hype.

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