Light Sensitivity and Headaches

Posted by on Nov. 15, 2012

Light Sensitivity and Headache

Most migraineurs would attest to the fact that bright lights can aggravate their headaches. Other headache sufferers would add that being outdoors can also trigger their headaches. Unfortunately, what most people do not know is there is a condition called Photosensitivity, which is characterized by an unnatural aversion to bright light. The condition causes the muscles around the head, especially in the eye area, to contract, and may trigger photophobia.

Photophobia is a symptom of several conditions such as eye infection or inflammation, migraine, meningitis, and corneal ulcer, among many others. Because of the aforementioned conditions, patients would feel mild to severe eye discomfort when exposed to bright light.

Photosensitivity could also trigger headaches when the muscles around the head and the eyes tighten due to an eye disease or pain. Symptoms of this would include pain around the eyes, partial or complete loss of vision, double vision, seeing floaters or shadows, limitation of eye movement, pain when the eyes are moving, and sensation of flashes or streak of light. All these commonly cause severe headaches associated with eye pain.

Keep in mind that incurring a headache associated with light sensitivity could be caused by underlying health conditions. If you are experiencing these symptoms, consult your doctor to know about treatments that can help. If you are taking medication that causes these symptoms, talk to your prescribing physician about replacing the drug.


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