Kudzu: A Viny Relief for Cluster Headache

Posted by on Dec. 20, 2012

If over-the-counter drugs can’t shoo your cluster headache away, perhaps Kudzu can do the job for you. Kudzu is a vine endemic in Asia, particularly in Japan and China. Its flowers, leaves, and roots have been used by the Chinese since around 1,800 years ago in different traditional medicines, but it is only today that the plant is gaining attention in the medical scene worldwide.

At present, herbal medicines derived from this plant are used in providing relief for different circulatory, heart, and upper respiratory problems, among others. In fact, a qualitative study was even conducted in 2009 to see whether it can also alleviate the pain that comes with headaches or not.

The research conducted at the Yale University School of Medicine found out that regular Kudzu treatment can result in a significant decrease in headache attacks among patients. Some respondents of the study showed a decrease in headache frequency, while some experienced shorter attacks than usual.

Though experts still can’t provide a scientific explanation as to how Kudzu works on cluster headaches, the study serves as a good start in discovering and developing further headache relief methods derived from this particular herbal medicine.


[Photo credit: Carroll, Jan - U.S. Fish & Wildlife ServiceMattisse at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons]

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