Is that Headache a Brain Tumor Symptom?

Posted by on Dec. 13, 2012

All of us experience a headache every once in a while—it may be caused by stress, sleeping position, and many others—that’s how common it is. Most of the time, it is just mild and lasts only for a short while. However, we still cannot ignore the fact that headaches can be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. Take brain tumors, for example. How can we tell if a headache is already a symptom of a brain tumor?

Listed below are ways on how we can tell if a headache is already a symptom of brain tumor.

  • If the headache doesn’t go away and it continues to grow worse day by day, then it could be a symptom of a brain tumor. When a person has a brain tumor, the pain progressively gets worse as the tumor grows bigger and inflicts more pressure on the skull.
  • It can be a symptom of a brain tumor if the headache is relieved by vomiting. Headaches caused by brain tumors are accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
  • If you experience extreme pain upon awakening or whenever you lower your head, it could also be a sign. This happens because the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain accumulates in the head when you are in a lying position, resulting in increased pressure in the brain.
  • Headaches caused by brain tumors do not throb, mainly because they are not caused by blood vessel dilation but by the tumor.
  • If the headache still doesn’t go despite all the over-the-counter pain relievers that you have taken, then it might indicate the presence of a brain tumor.

Headaches might have become a normal occurrence for us already, but we still have to be observant and vigilant so we can monitor if these are already symptoms of something else.


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