Headaches Triggered By Perfume

Posted by on Dec. 07, 2012

People from different parts of the world, especially the female populace, could not resist the temptation of using perfumes to feel beautiful and confident about themselves as individuals. As you know, however, perfumes are also made up of chemicals. When overpowering scents are inhaled into the nose, nerve cells are activated and they can trigger pain. The particles of perfume absorbed into the bloodstream may also disrupt the blood flow in your brain and thus, result in a headache.

The best and easiest way to avoid this type of headache is, apparently, to avoid perfumes and other strong-scented materials such as household cleansers, air fresheners, and even soaps and shampoos. If they cannot be totally avoided, using them in proper moderation may do. To relieve severe headaches triggered by perfumes, you can take pain relievers prescribed by doctors.

Perfumes are invented for the benefit of people, but of course, these should be used such that health would not be compromised with beauty and charm.

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