Headache News: Study Shows Female Migraineurs are Prone to Brain Lesions

Posted by on Nov. 19, 2012

Headache News: Study Shows Female Migraineurs are Prone to Brain Lesions

According to a Dutch study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, women who have migraines are more likely to develop brain lesions in comparison with women who do not experience migraines. In a nine-year study, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) results showed that 77% of female migraineurs had more ischemic lesions on their brain’s white matter compared to the 60% of women who don’t suffer from migraines. There was also no similar association in male patients.

Although the lesions did not show any effect on cognitive functions, there is still no definite answer as to why women are more at risk with the lesions than their male counterparts. It is also not conclusive whether or not the lesions point to more serious ailments in the future. While more studies are needed in order to prove these claims, the data from the aforementioned research could be used to supplement other studies about headaches and migraines.

With that, it is advisable that people who experience frequent headaches to visit their healthcare provider to determine if they’re suffering from minor headaches, or if there is an underlying condition to their debilitating pain, such as a tumor in their brain.

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