From Bad to Worse: the Connection between Migraines and Impotence

Posted by on Nov. 09, 2012


Today, there is an estimated 20 million Americans suffering from erectile dysfunction. To add insult to injury, a recent study from Taiwan has shown a link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and migraines.

The study attempted to collect data from 23,000 men. Of this figure, 5,700 were diagnosed with ED. As a control group, the researchers then randomly picked another 17,000 men. Of these, 245 ED patients were found to have suffered from migraines while the control group had 457.

Adjusting for statistics and other diseases (such as obesity, alcohol abuse, diabetes and hypertension), the study has discovered that of the total population of men with ED, 4.25% of these had migraines. On the other hand, the control group — those who didn’t suffer from erectile dysfunction — only reached 2.64%.

The case isn’t as clear, however, as the researchers couldn’t say how both conditions are linked. They argue that pain might be a factor as the treatment for both is linked to dopamine — a brain chemical involved in both migraine and sexual function.

The study then concluded that erectile dysfunction is strongly associated with those people who have been previously diagnosed with migraines. In fact, this phenomenon was even more prevalent among younger populations.

However, it doesn’t show which causes which. The experts still emphasize that more research is needed for them to formulate a clear connection between the two conditions.


If you’re still curious about the connection between the two, or if you’d like to know more about the study, click here.

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