Food Coloring Causes the Pain

Posted by on Dec. 11, 2012

Food may be a basic need, but eating certain types of food can cause headaches. Some food-induced headaches are not really caused by the food itself; rather, it is caused by certain additives in the food — like food coloring.

Food coloring is used to make food look good and appetizing. This additive can be synthetically produced or it can be made from natural sources. Consuming food that contains food coloring can cause headaches to people either because of food intolerance or by increasing the blood flow to the brain, which leads to more strain on the blood vessels, and this can lead to a headache.

Artificially colored foods mostly have low nutritional value, which means that they are not really good for the body. It can’t be denied that these kinds of food are delicious, so the best thing to do is to read labels and watch out for food that might contain excessive amounts of food coloring. This way, one can avoid the bad effects it might have on the body.


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