Fighting Headache with Positive Thoughts

Posted by on Jan. 24, 2013

The way you think and what you think both greatly affect the chemical balance in your brain. Therefore, if you often let the bad vibes get the best of you, it should be no wonder why you constantly suffer from anxiety, stress, and eventually headache or migraine.

If this is what’s causing your head pain, it is just logical to say that what can provide you relief is nothing medical. It has to do with positive thoughts. Though it doesn’t sound as reliable as other medical reliefs, positivity can actually work wonders on medical conditions, too. Simply put, if depressed patients benefit from positivity, why can’t you?

To begin with, once things start to get cranky, you can dodge anxiety and stress by thinking positive thoughts despite the negative situation. In the event that headache tags along, stick with your positive thoughts and see how such a simple effort can relieve your pain.

When thinking positive thoughts aren’t enough, try giving yourself words of encouragement through self-talk. Think of something positive aloud in your head. This will somehow help shift your mood from bad to good, or maybe even better.

Now to maintain this attitude, it might help writing down your thoughts. Write your goals on how you’ll conquer headache by being optimistic. This might work in helping you sustain your positive attitude for a longer period of time.

Once you’ve already gotten used to this, share the tips with others. This will encourage you further to be more positive about yourself and your condition. This won’t eliminate your headache for good, but see for yourself how this can lessen the intensity of your attacks. Who knows, this might even work in preventing headache from occurring in some instances.

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