Epilepsy and Migraine in the Family

Posted by on Jan. 15, 2013

Migraine alone is already a debilitating condition that can affect people’s quality of life. How much more if it coexists with more serious disorders like epilepsy?

In a study conducted by experts from Columbia University in New York, it was learned that individuals with seizure disorders are more likely to suffer from migraine with aura (MA) than those without epilepsy. Furthermore, epileptic patients who have two or more epileptic relatives are twice as susceptible to MA than epileptic patients who have no epileptic relatives. This leads health professionals to claim that both epilepsy and migraine could be originating from a certain genetic mechanism.

Though the exact genetic link between epilepsy and migraine is still unclear, experts are positive that this finding will lead to the development of better diagnosis and treatment for blood-related patients suffering from both conditions.

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