Dealing with Post-Holiday Headaches

Posted by on Jan. 04, 2013

More than the celebrations, gift-giving, traditions, and reunions, people set aside their respective diets and health regimens for this special season. After the break, you’ll realize that you have accumulated too much alcohol, sugar, fats, and preservatives in your body over the holidays. Chances are, you’ve also stressed yourself out in preparing for your one of the most awaited events of the year. Next thing you know, you’re complaining about a headache.

Folks, time snap back to reality. What you are experiencing is the so-called post-holiday headache brought by indulging in guilty pleasures during the holidays. To fight these headaches, you may consider the following simple tips:

1. Watch your food intake. Eat more of fiber-rich foods such fresh vegetables and fruits while lessening your protein, sugar, and fat intake to gain back the balance of nutrients in your body.

2. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep hydrated, to control your appetite, to avoid losing important digestive enzymes, and to flush the toxins from your body.

3. Stay away from alcohol while your body is still recovering. Remember that alcohol is a well-known trigger of headache as it causes dehydration as well as the dilation of blood vessels in the brain.

4. Get enough rest and sleep. You didn’t have much of these in the past few days, did you? Stress and lack of sleep are also popular causes of headaches as they tighten the muscles in your neck and scalp area.

Forgive yourself for another season of over-eating and drinking. Just be careful next time to prevent worse things from happening. Once again, happy holidays!


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