Dealing with Migraines at Work

Posted by on Nov. 21, 2012

Dealing with Migraines at Work

Migraine in itself is already a debilitating condition: can you imagine having a migraine attack while you’re working? This migraineur’s worst nightmare is documented by Harris Interactive on its recent poll that showed that there are around 15 million people who suffer from migraine while at their workplaces. Of this figure, 66% of which never make it through the entire workday.

While it is difficult to overcome migraine while working, the following tips could help you cope until the end of your shift:

Don’t Ignore it
Migraine gets worse with each minute that you ignore it. Remember that this is not just a series of headaches that occur when something stresses you out at work. It is a condition that will need immediate medical attention.

If Possible, Make Changes in your Workplace and Work Habits
Are you drinking too much coffee? Are you smoking too much as well? Is there a pungent smell that consistently stings your nostrils? Some of the things that trigger your migraines may be traced with what you do in the office, or even through the people around you.

Inform People of the Dangers of Migraine
The easiest way to deal with this condition is if you had company with you. Anyone in your workplace can be susceptible to migraine. At such, any indications like mild head pain and nausea must be given immediate attention. Have an emergency stash of medicine in your office in case migraines attack. If the symptoms persist, there must be a concerted effort by your colleagues to provide the necessary medical attention. In this case, taking you to the doctor may be the best solution.

Remember that the best way to deal with migraine is through pre-emptive treatments. Watch out for the signs of this condition in order to avoid a full-blown attack.


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