Color Therapy: Treating Your Headache with Colors

Posted by on Jan. 11, 2013

Color therapy, also called chromotherapy, is the utilization of hues such as blue and violet in treating headaches. Though this process is not considered scientific, a number of headache sufferers reported relief after trying it out.

Therapists believe that it is the cooling and soothing color of blue that helps lessen the pain a headache sufferer is feeling. The color violet, on the other hand, is believed to be effective when it comes to calming an overactive heart, and it can also help lessen one’s sensitivity to pain. Patients are normally exposed to blue lights for 30 minutes while exposure to violet lights takes only 15 minutes during a chromotherapy session. Headache sufferers are also advised to consume food that’s colored blue and violet to become more exposed to these colors.

You can consult color therapy experts if you wish to undergo color therapy or, if not possible, you may try meditating in a blue- or violet-colored room (or outdoors, for that matter) to try whether or not these colors can truly provide comfort for headache sufferers.


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