Cold Laser Therapy: A Non-Drug Treatment for Headache

Posted by on Nov. 20, 2012

Cold Laser Therapy: A Non-Drug Treatment for Headache

Most headache sufferers all over the world may be aware that there is a danger in taking too many pain relievers. Because of this, many are looking for alternative non-drug treatments that could eradicate headaches and not compromise their health.

The answer may rely on cold laser, or low-level laser therapy. It is the application of low-level laser to injuries and other ailments such as headaches, arthritis, or joint pains. The therapy has been widely touted as fast, painless, and effective without the particular downsides of most medicines.

Some experts say that the treatment works when the laser is absorbed by the tissue, which triggers a biological reaction to produce chemical substances that help alleviate pain. They claim that laser therapy could reduce pain, redness, and swelling, relax tight muscles, repair bones, and enhance lymphatic drainage.

Unfortunately, while cold laser therapy has been widely talked about, there are no scientific experiments that could confirm if the procedure really works. Given that the best treatments are the ones that have been tried and tested, cold laser therapy needs to be further explored by the medical world before it could be proclaimed as an effective treatment for headache.

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