Chocolate, Alcohol and Caffeine: Headache Causes

Posted by on Oct. 10, 2012
Chocolate, Alochol, Caffeine: Headache Causes

Do you experience frequent headaches or migraines? If yes, now would be a good time to ask yourself a few things: Are you a chocolate lover? Do you enjoy more than one cup of coffee every now and then? Are you an occasional drinker? If you are having a hard time enjoying your life because your headaches always get in the way, maybe it’s time to change a few things.

The A-a-a-a-alcohol!
The easiest to blame on the list, it is no wonder that alcohol causes major headaches especially during the likely morning hangovers. For some people though, they experience headaches as soon as they drink alcoholic beverages. The leading criminal in this is the chemical ethanol found in beer, liquor and wine. The headache happens when ethanol causes the blood vessels in your brain to dilate. This is why when some people drink beer, their skin becomes flushed red.

Chocolate, the Head-Churner
Sadly, this is included. (Sorry, ladies!) Men might get the chocolate-induced headaches too, but it’s the women who are most prone to this unfortunate head-splitter. This is explained easily because of PMS, the spiking hormones giving most women the mouth-watering craving for chocolate. It is quite ironic that women eat chocolate to feel better, only to feel worse because they’re getting headaches from it. However, if you are a man or rather, a woman who still gets headaches after eating chocolate even when not on her period, it’s because chocolate also contains a certain chemical akin to ethanol: phenylethylamine.

Caffeine Conundrum
Caffeine is always associated with coffee, which makes it easy to forget that caffeine is not coffee. From your energy drinks to sodas, to the tea that puts you in zen mode the caffeine drug is present in almost all the drinks you consume! Caffeine is the hero that keeps you awake when you need to pull an all-nighter, and yet it’s the villain that will keep you awake with a headache, if ever you drink too much. It just so happens that caffeine is in almost every one of your favorite drinks.

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