Chamomile or Earl Grey? How Tea Could Clear Your Head

Posted by on Nov. 08, 2012

Chamomile or Earl Grey? How Tea Could Clear Your Head

You’re drowning in work, you didn’t get enough sleep the previous night, and your boss is nagging you about the report you promised two weeks ago. With all the tension going in and around you, your temples are starting to throb and a big, painful headache is undoubtedly imminent. So what do you do to calm your nerves and clear your mind?

Well, you can start by preparing a cup of tea. Yes, there’s a reason one of the oldest beverages known to man is still popular today. It’s not only refreshing, but it also contains tons of benefits. Tea has this amazing effect of relieving aches and pains—sort of like Nature’s ibuprofen. Antioxidants contained in a cup of tea also prevent cholesterol from building up, improving your body’s blood circulation.

What’s more is that tea also has enough caffeine to boost its pain-killing effect. In fact, a recent study has shown that ingesting a cup of tea could relieve headaches just as fast as over-the-counter medication. The only clincher here is that this beverage is a lot more organic than its medicinal counterpart.

Don’t drink too much, though, as there are also studies linking tea consumption to an increased risk of headaches. Limit what you drink to about three to 3.5 cups a day and you’ll do fine.

You can, however, complement your tea-drinking with other stress-relieving activities. Feeling burned out? Leave your desk and take a 15-minute breather. Not only will a new environment clear your head, you’ll also feel refreshed and ready for any task ahead. You should also get enough sleep. A good seven to nine hours will do.

Ultimately, drinking tea is only a temporary solution for headaches. If you really want to significantly decrease the risk of stress, a more holistic approach is in order. Exercise, sleep, eat right, and take frequent breaks. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that tea will not only change your state of mind—but it might also change your lifestyle as well. So drink up!


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