Wondering why you always encounter a bad case of headache or migraine when there is lightning? According to a new research, there might be a reason for this.

Lightning Associated with Headache and Migraine

While most medical experts suggest that migraine triggers should be avoided, one scientific study claims that these triggers do not strongly affect individuals suffering from the pain.

Migraine Triggers You Dont Need to Avoid Them

Use of contraceptives among women suffering from migraine with aura is bad news according to health experts. Here’s why.

Women Suffering from Migraine with Aura Have Higher Risks of Developing Blood Clots

Epilepsy and Migraine in the Family

Posted by on Jan. 15, 2013

Experts from the Columbia University of New York, after conducting a study, hypothesize that both epilepsy and migraine could be caused by a certain genetic mechanism among blood-related sufferers.


Do you suffer from motion sickness and tend to get dizzy while traveling? Have you ever wondered why you feel dizzy when you’re having a migraine attack? Find out how migraine and dizziness is interconnected and what you can do to prevent it.


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