Can Swimming Cause Headaches?

Posted by on Dec. 04, 2012

Swimming is a great activity — it exercises the whole body and it is very refreshing, especially on hot summer days. As fun as swimming is, however, it can also trigger a headache.

Because of the pressure changes while swimming or diving, the risk of experiencing sinusitis is higher. A headache is triggered when water pressure blocks the sinus canals, and this creates the pain. Pool chemicals in the water can also irritate the nasal passages, and this can then make the headache worse. A headache can also be triggered by goggles that are used in swimming. They cause continuous pressure on the forehead or on the scalp. The bottom line is, the pressure on certain parts of the head can cause all sorts of headaches.

To avoid such conditions, it is best to treat the cause of the headache like the sinus. For sinusitis, you can always wear nose clips to avoid water from irritating the nose. Some home remedies can relieve headaches, like feverfew. If the headache is caused by goggles or other similar swimming equipment, you can always opt for adjustable ones so that there is less pressure on the head. If your headache is getting worse, it is best to consult a doctor.

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