Holy basil provides relief for headaches and migraines by combatting stress – a condition that aggravates head pain when left unmanaged.

Holy Basil for Headaches

Doctors from the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah figured out a way how migraineurs can prevent migraine onsets from occurring without taking oral prescriptions. If this relief passes all clinical trials, it will be a beneficial remedy for pregnant and young migraineurs who are steering clear of pharmaceutical drugs.

Breakthrough Glasses for Migraines

What is a Hemiplegic Migraine?

Posted by on Feb. 01, 2013

Hemiplegic migraine is a subtype of migraine that is often mistaken as stroke. Some of its symptoms include paralysis on one side of the body, vertigo, and slurred speech.

What is a Hemiplegic Migraine

Wondering why you always encounter a bad case of headache or migraine when there is lightning? According to a new research, there might be a reason for this.

Lightning Associated with Headache and Migraine

While most medical experts suggest that migraine triggers should be avoided, one scientific study claims that these triggers do not strongly affect individuals suffering from the pain.

Migraine Triggers You Dont Need to Avoid Them

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