Abdominal Migraines

Posted by on Dec. 05, 2012

An abdominal migraine is a form of migraine that is mostly seen in children. This is a kind of headache that manifests in a form other than head pain, and it is mostly seen in children who have a family history of migraines. The reason why this happens is yet to be discovered, but the theory is that the root has to do with the chemical changes in histamine and serotonin.

Common symptoms that occur with this ailment include recurrent bouts of vomiting, nausea, pale skin, inability to eat or refusal to eat, and abdominal pain that can range from mild to severe. These symptoms can last from an hour to three days.

Most often, this condition is relieved by a nap, but currently, there is no specific treatment for abdominal migraines. Avoiding the possible triggers of the ailment may prevent it from happening. Also, for some, doctors recommend and administer medications like serotonin blockers and tricyclic antidepressants. For older children and adults, nasal sumatriptan and other triptans may be prescribed. For severe cases and to ensure faster recovery, make sure you consult a physician right away.


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